Thursday, August 21, 2008

sarah and jason

last thursday i had the pleasure of taking my good friends' (sarah and jason) engagement pictures. i have never taken engagement pictures before and it was a little frustrating for everyone at first until we found a very cool location near some train tracks in provo. once we found it, i was all inspired and we got some pretty good shots.

here are a few of the ones i have started editing out of the millions we took...

disregard the cars in the background, haven't quite gotten around to photoshop yet.

more to come!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

oh you know, just a modeling gig

so, i was at work (i work at the shade store in american fork) on monday and was asked to go on good things utah to "model" some pieces from the fall line. after some consideration, i decided to accept the offer. a few months ago, i made a list of the necessities of my life/all the things i want to do, and be on tv was one of them and it's not everyday i get asked to go on tv, so how could i not accept? i got my sister, brooke, and one of my best friends, sarah, to go on the show with me. i was so sure that i would somehow ruin the show and embarrass myself in some horrible way, but it turned out better than expected. for those of you who do not live in ut, or know what good things utah is, it is a morning show here that comes on after regis and kelly. pretty much every stay-at-home mom in utah watches the show, so it was kind of scary. first i'm on good things utah, next thing you know i'll be on regis and kelly and be best friends with kelly ripa. i've got some big plans for myself.

you can watch it here (sorry it automatically plays every time my page comes up, i don't know how to fix it):

Sunday, August 3, 2008

who doesn't love a bucket of chicken?

on friday night, we decided to go up provo canyon and have a picnic. almost every time my friends and i are trying to decide what to do, i suggest getting a bucket of chicken and going up the canyon and this time we actually did it. there are few things that i love more in this world than sitting on a blanket in the grass and devouring a kfc bucket of chicken. there is just something so precious about having a picnic. glorious.

for some odd reason, brett refused to pose for pictures with us. i don't know why he wouldn't want to take pictures with a bunch of girls making kissing faces, every guy's dream, right?

lindsey thought that she was getting attacked by bugs and made jen scratch her back; apparently jen was really enjoying it.