Sunday, August 3, 2008

who doesn't love a bucket of chicken?

on friday night, we decided to go up provo canyon and have a picnic. almost every time my friends and i are trying to decide what to do, i suggest getting a bucket of chicken and going up the canyon and this time we actually did it. there are few things that i love more in this world than sitting on a blanket in the grass and devouring a kfc bucket of chicken. there is just something so precious about having a picnic. glorious.

for some odd reason, brett refused to pose for pictures with us. i don't know why he wouldn't want to take pictures with a bunch of girls making kissing faces, every guy's dream, right?

lindsey thought that she was getting attacked by bugs and made jen scratch her back; apparently jen was really enjoying it.

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Anonymous said...

so, i do love a bucket of chicken. and i was getting attacked by bugs!