Friday, November 20, 2009

so here's an awkward story for your friday

this one time, in my stats class my sophomore year, something incredibly awkward happened. it was perhaps one of the most awkward moments in my life. and i am going to share that experience with you right now.

so this is what happened.

i was sitting in that big-ish auditorium in the talmage building with my friend, sarah. the chairs were those ones that are comfortable and have those little desk things that you pull up from the side. so we were just sitting there listening to the lecture and i decided to put my arm out and rest it on my little desk.

i could feel denim under my fingers and at first i just thought that it was my leg. but then i realized that i couldn't feel my leg being touched by my fingers and started to kind of pat around because for a split second i thought that i was all of a sudden paralyzed from the waist down and had lost feeling in my legs.

but then i realized why i couldn't feel it.

it wasn't my leg that i was touching. it was the married man sitting next to me's leg.

when this all came together in my mind i looked over and his face was bright red and i'm sure mine was too. i just said "oh my gosh! i am soooo sorry, i thought that was my leg."

and that's the story of that one time when i felt up a stranger in my stats class.

oh, and this is pretty awkward too.


Jason + Sarah said...

HAHAHAHA i told someone this story just the other day. it will never get old. best moment of stats that semester

martha said...

hahaha i love you paige.

also, that sweater is ridiculous. not to mention how incredibly skinny that girl is. *ick.