Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'tis the season

a couple of the blogs that i stalk have been writing about things that they are grateful for. so, in the spirit of the season, i will give you three.

number one.
i am thankful today is wednesday, as is evident in the post below. seriously though, watch modern family tonight. i'm even going to invite you to my apartment to watch it. consider yourself invited. (but if you're really going to come, text me and give me some notice.)

number two.
i am thankful for my almost-nine-year-old niece's cell phone because i get to have conversations via text like this one:

me: londie pants! i'm going to be in colorado in 3 and a half days.
i can't wait to see my babies, i miss you!
london: i now!!!!! i am really exited!! i miss you. have a good time!
london: hey, text me when i get out of school at 3:30

"have a good time?" seriously, so precious.

number three.
i am thankful for this website has literally changed my life. i am obsessed, all i do at work every morning is read this glorious, hilarious website. thank you mlia, thank you. i just hope that someday my life can be average enough to grace the presence of your website.

number four.
how 'bout a fourth? sounds good to me. i am thankful that i had my cooking class tonight so i don't have to worry about eating tonight and we all know that is a big burden for college students. oh, i wish i was kidding right now.

what are you thankful for on this fine november evening?


martha said...

you, paige. and only you.

Jennifer Lane said...

1. That you are in my life and that I am now a frequent reader of your blog. My daily dose of laughter. Seriously though....I love it.

2. That the knob on my speaker, on my computer at work, broke so that while I'm watching the Modern Family clip that you posted--at work--it's loud enough for everyone to hear! AND I can't even hide that I'm blog stalking right now--while at work.

3. For everything that you have brought into my life. Awesome life is average...a huge welcome home celebration every time I walk through the door...endless laughter...Mario crisp...bed time stories through two many spider monkeys...secret church parking spot...and the list goes on...