Saturday, October 31, 2009


remember the shameless advertising for my scary story party? here is the photographic evidence of its gloriousness.

candles and the fireplace dvd were the only sources of light in the whole apartment.

already terrified and the party hadn't even started yet.

our delicious snacks.

keaton was one of the very few lucky ones to arrive at the party on-time.

the newman sisters.

good to know that keaton is willing to stand-in for me when i am unavailable for roommate pictures.

that's more like it.

dry ice. be scared.

"it was a dark and stormy night. the rain came down in torrents..."

you can't really see their faces, but don't worry, they're terrified.

this picture is creepy in and of itself.

i appreciate the enthusiasm. especially you, alex.

a very necessary roommate slumber party afterward.

and that was our glorious scary story party. don't you wish you would have come?

Friday, October 30, 2009

what is happening tomorrow?

answer: halloween!

i have no idea what i'll be doing halloween night, but i can promise you it will be fun, scary and not involve a provo dance party.

yesterday we found this precious little halloween idea. if you need a last minute centerpiece or something cute to decorate with, it looks way easy and pretty much foolproof. the only limiting factor would probably be drying time.

what are your plans this halloween?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


did you hear about this? my roommate andrea told me about it yesterday and then i saw this article on the internet today.

frankly, i think this calendar is really embarrassing. it shouldn't even bare the name "Hot Mormon Muffins." it goes against a lot of things that Mormons stand for. yes, LDS women can be sexy but certain things should be kept in the bedroom between you and your spouse. these women just look like sex objects. i understand that they were trying to show that not all Mormon women are your typical, traditional housewife but they make it look even worse, like they lack intelligence and are just there to please their rich husbands. if i was the husband of one of these hot muffins i would feel ashamed and awkward that all these other people had seen my wife like that. it takes something that is sacred and makes it the complete opposite.

if there is one thing that really drives me crazy, it is the objectifying of women. this is just really disappointing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

once again, i need your opinion.

what should i be for halloween?

my apartment is doing a superhero theme and i am having a hard time deciding between catwoman (i am aware she is a villain and not a hero) and superwoman. i have been a cat (but not catwoman) twice in college and probably shouldn't be a cat again, but i'm a little more attracted to the catwoman costume than the superwoman costume.

what's a girl to do?

i'm going to do you a favor

and tell you to download urban outfitter's lstn #7. it is 25 free songs and a lot of them are quite good.

i am completely in love with this song. why can't i sing like that?

Friday, October 23, 2009

i am shamelessly advertising my glorious party that is happening tonight

come to my scary story party! it is seriously going to be so much fun. it is at my apartment tonight starting at 9:00.

we will be telling scary stories, eating delicious cookies and cupcakes, and getting pretty much terrified.

doesn't that sound like the greatest night of your life?

remember 9:00 at my apartment, be there!

i got the creepy picture here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

daily dose of awkwardness.

so here's an awkward story.

i work on campus every morning in the asb as a receptionist and have to wear nice clothes. since i had class right after work today, i brought a pair of jeans to change into so i wouldn't have to wear my frumpy work clothes all day.

i was done working and went to the bathroom to change my pants. the jeans that i brought today are my super cute fall skinny jeans and i just washed them a couple days ago and hadn't worn them since. as we all know, jeans get a little tighter after you wash them, well these were especially tight today. i was in the bathroom for literally 6 minutes trying to get them buttoned. there was a couch in the room so i was laying on it trying to make my hips as small as possible with little success. a girl even walked into the bathroom and got to witness the awkwardness. it had been an awkward amount of time and i had to get to class and i could not get my pants buttoned for the life of me.

what to do? i didn't really have an option other than to just pull my shirt down and walk to class with my pants unbuttoned. so i did. the zipper creeped down a little with every step and i kept looking down to make sure my undershirt was staying down (which it was, thank you shade nylon camisole). then i saw a friend and stopped to talk to him for a few minutes and the whole time i was thinking, i wonder if he can tell that my pants are unbuttoned and becoming increasingly unzipped...

i made it to my class and told my friends that i had walked all the way there with my pants unbuttoned. they just laughed and looked at me like i was ridiculous. which i am. so, what did pudge learn today? she buys pants that are too tight and maybe she should break in her jeans before she decides to bring them to work.

Monday, October 19, 2009

saturday night special

we cleaned out our fridge on saturday night.

we found out that not only did we have a ton of gross, old food in our fridge, but that i can fit inside.

and andrea too. kind of.
and maybe we have the exact same outfit on.
it was definitely a glorious coincidence that could have been easily corrected by changing our clothes, but we chose to not take that route and continued to match for the remainder of the evening.

Friday, October 16, 2009

yes please.

it's october. halloween season is here. this means that apartment 215 is obsessed with doing scary things. i want this october to be the scariest and most fun october i have ever experienced, is that too much to ask? i don't think so.

here is a list of all the activities i would like to do in october:
-haunted houses
-corn mazes (both haunted and non-haunted)
-pumpkin carving
-watch scary movies
-ride the heber creeper
-make and eat apple crisp
-annual roommate photo shoot at sundance
-drink apple cider
-go to a real haunted place like a creepy house, cemetery, etc.
-drive the alpine loop since people keep telling me how amazing it is
-host a scary story party! it is seriously going to be amazing. you should come (it will be next friday, the 23rd). if you can't come and you have a good scary story, email it to me so you can be there in spirit. i'm serious, i need all the good scary stories i can get.

isn't that a nice little list of fun things? don't you want to do those things with me? i really don't think i am asking for all that much. if you want to participate in all this spooky gloriousness, give me a call or a text or an email. boys are kind of essential for this list of things, so by all means...

Monday, October 12, 2009

how was your weekend?

mine was pretty good. i didn't do anything spectacularly amazing or out of the ordinary, but i really did enjoy myself quite a bit.

i ate ratatouille for the first time thanks to martha.

i watched this movie and it literally changed my life. watch the montage, watch the whole nine minutes and forty seconds, you won't regret it.

i went to kneaders for breakfast on saturday and ate their gloriously delicious french toast.

i bought a great little sweater for eleven dollars.

i went to the stake hee-haw. my favorite part was the plaid, all the glorious plaid.

i went to this haunted extravaganza. it was so much fun. totally worth the twenty dollars. seriously, i had so much fun. i am such a pansy but i still love october because of all the slightly scary things to do.

tell me. how was your weekend? what was your favorite part?

Friday, October 9, 2009

it finally happened

jim and pam are married. i am still a little bitter that it was pam and not me, but i guess it just wasn't in the cards.

what did you think of the episode? i thought the boat deal was really precious and romantic. other than that though, it kind of let me down. this whole season of the office is letting me down, much like the last half of season 5 did. i honestly don't think i laughed more than once the whole hour, if that. jim was really sweet, but i wish they would have showed a little more about pam loving jim and not just him having been in love with her forever.

how cute is this photo shoot from entertainment weekly? they look so beautiful. i want to do a picture like the one on the left when i get married. so precious.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

paris fashion week

a sampling of chanel's spring 2010 ready-to-wear...

all the pieces were super flirty, youthful and all the lace added a touch of delicacy. and don't you love how the ready-to-wear truly is read-to-wear? i would wear any of these ensembles in a heartbeat (with a few modesty adjustments of course). the barnyard theme is pretty much precious and somehow not tacky - kind of makes you want to go for a roll around in the hay (kidding). i love it.

via (you can see a slide show of the rest of the show there too).


doesn't this ad make you realize how much you want/need some new outerwear?
nice work urban outfitters, you've made me want things i can't have yet again.
i want a new coat and this photo is quite creepy and cool.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

what pudge is listening to these days

so i thought i didn't like cut copy, but thanks to pandora i have realized that i kind of love them. here are a few of my favorites.
cut copy

last week's free single of the week on itunes was "bulletproof" by la roux. i can't get enough of this song, i have been listening to it over and over and over. i even deleted songs from my ipod (circa 2005, 4 gb, gray/darker gray screen, green mini - be jealous) to make room for "bulletproof."

now let me tell you about my love affair with ladyhawke. several months ago, holly had "another runaway" on her blog. i proceeded to download this song and listen to it a lot, maybe even too much. over the summer at our family reunion, my sister eryn introduced me to "dusk till dawn." that did it, i decided i needed the whole album and purchased it. this was indeed a good purchase because there are so many good songs on this album. i am in love. listen. now.

Monday, October 5, 2009

let's talk about paul walker.

remember when you saw she's all that when you were 12 and you were like "who is this hot jerk? i think i love him" and then you saw pleasantville and loved him as a precious square. then you saw the skulls and you were hooked. you could no longer resist him and kind of loved the fast and the furious. and now if you come across anything with him in it, you have to watch it. and maybe your name is lori fackrell and you have a framed picture of him next to your bed. maybe. (sorry aunt lori, your secret is out...)

it doesn't matter that he isn't the greatest actor ever. but what does matter is that he is incredibly good looking - that doesn't even do him justice, he's is one of (if not the most) beautiful men to have ever lived on this planet. that sounds about right. and i don't even like guys with blonde hair. from his strong jaw line and soul-piercing eyes to his chiseled abs...okay let's just have a moment of silence for and look at all these glorious pictures of the paul walker.

oh paulie. i'll reactivate you (that's right, he was raised LDS) and have beautiful babies with you, if you insist.

why wasn't i in marching band?

this is pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen to me.