Monday, October 19, 2009

saturday night special

we cleaned out our fridge on saturday night.

we found out that not only did we have a ton of gross, old food in our fridge, but that i can fit inside.

and andrea too. kind of.
and maybe we have the exact same outfit on.
it was definitely a glorious coincidence that could have been easily corrected by changing our clothes, but we chose to not take that route and continued to match for the remainder of the evening.


martha said...

ahhh i love you guys. i'm so glad i wasn't there for that.

haha :)

megan thomas said...

and now I know why your so skinny. I should empty my fridge entirely. Perhaps that is where I can put my 3 children too.

Jason + Sarah said...

wow you really meant you cleaned out your fridge. i can't believe, i'm guessing a first since almost 3 years ago.