Saturday, October 31, 2009


remember the shameless advertising for my scary story party? here is the photographic evidence of its gloriousness.

candles and the fireplace dvd were the only sources of light in the whole apartment.

already terrified and the party hadn't even started yet.

our delicious snacks.

keaton was one of the very few lucky ones to arrive at the party on-time.

the newman sisters.

good to know that keaton is willing to stand-in for me when i am unavailable for roommate pictures.

that's more like it.

dry ice. be scared.

"it was a dark and stormy night. the rain came down in torrents..."

you can't really see their faces, but don't worry, they're terrified.

this picture is creepy in and of itself.

i appreciate the enthusiasm. especially you, alex.

a very necessary roommate slumber party afterward.

and that was our glorious scary story party. don't you wish you would have come?


martha said...

ooo i am glad i made it in that super creepy photo. good job on the pics :)

Keaton said...

it was an amazing party paige, and I got my pants scared off... literally. I also think I make a pretty good addition to your apartment :)

Mauri said...

yes. Looks like it turned out good. Love the roommate slumber party afterward! fun fun!