Friday, October 9, 2009

it finally happened

jim and pam are married. i am still a little bitter that it was pam and not me, but i guess it just wasn't in the cards.

what did you think of the episode? i thought the boat deal was really precious and romantic. other than that though, it kind of let me down. this whole season of the office is letting me down, much like the last half of season 5 did. i honestly don't think i laughed more than once the whole hour, if that. jim was really sweet, but i wish they would have showed a little more about pam loving jim and not just him having been in love with her forever.

how cute is this photo shoot from entertainment weekly? they look so beautiful. i want to do a picture like the one on the left when i get married. so precious.


magunn said...

Agreed. The wedding was awesome, but it seems like some of the jokes are getting old or something. I still think Dwight better get back with Angela . . . they were meant to be. Nevertheless, this is still the greatest show on t.v.

Alexandra said...

Yeah the show is lame this season. especially when Community makes me laugh out loud every 2.86 seconds.
I can't believe i used to think john krasinski was hideous. he is so sexayyy now, especially in that above photo. stupid emily blunt ;)