Wednesday, October 28, 2009


did you hear about this? my roommate andrea told me about it yesterday and then i saw this article on the internet today.

frankly, i think this calendar is really embarrassing. it shouldn't even bare the name "Hot Mormon Muffins." it goes against a lot of things that Mormons stand for. yes, LDS women can be sexy but certain things should be kept in the bedroom between you and your spouse. these women just look like sex objects. i understand that they were trying to show that not all Mormon women are your typical, traditional housewife but they make it look even worse, like they lack intelligence and are just there to please their rich husbands. if i was the husband of one of these hot muffins i would feel ashamed and awkward that all these other people had seen my wife like that. it takes something that is sacred and makes it the complete opposite.

if there is one thing that really drives me crazy, it is the objectifying of women. this is just really disappointing.


shea said...

Well i don't think they are mormon or at least active mormon women. They just look stupid. Who buys calendars anymore anyway.

mickelle said...

well, all i've got to say is, it could be worse. it could be a porn calendar. regardless, they obviously don't have an understanding of the sacredness of the body.

martha said...


agreed, 100%.

martha said...

also, where are the garments these women are suppose to be wearing?! the one chic is flaunting so much cleavage, it looks as if she may pop out of her shirt. ahhhhh