Friday, October 16, 2009

yes please.

it's october. halloween season is here. this means that apartment 215 is obsessed with doing scary things. i want this october to be the scariest and most fun october i have ever experienced, is that too much to ask? i don't think so.

here is a list of all the activities i would like to do in october:
-haunted houses
-corn mazes (both haunted and non-haunted)
-pumpkin carving
-watch scary movies
-ride the heber creeper
-make and eat apple crisp
-annual roommate photo shoot at sundance
-drink apple cider
-go to a real haunted place like a creepy house, cemetery, etc.
-drive the alpine loop since people keep telling me how amazing it is
-host a scary story party! it is seriously going to be amazing. you should come (it will be next friday, the 23rd). if you can't come and you have a good scary story, email it to me so you can be there in spirit. i'm serious, i need all the good scary stories i can get.

isn't that a nice little list of fun things? don't you want to do those things with me? i really don't think i am asking for all that much. if you want to participate in all this spooky gloriousness, give me a call or a text or an email. boys are kind of essential for this list of things, so by all means...


Linds said...

well, i'm not a male, but i'll be happy to join if we can find 2 of them.

Alexandra said...

I will drive the alpine loop with you! I want to know what the fuss is about too! I'm not a male, but we'd have fun right??
ps are you guys doing fun things for halloween- because i'm going to be lady gaga and it's going to be pee-your-pants epic. I at least need to see you...

martha said...

i can't wait for the scary story party :) your parties are awesome, let's face it.

Keaton said...

i want in on the partying

Mauri said...

How fun! That whole list sounds delightful. I'm quite jealous. Seeing as it's still a blasted 90+ degrees out & there is not much "Halloween/Fall" stuff going on around here...*sigh* have fun & you better blog about every single thing!