Sunday, January 29, 2012

moving on

look at this forecast for salt lake:
now look at this forecast for newport beach, ca:
now that is my kind of winter. doesn't that just look so nice?

i'll admit that this winter has been pretty mild and that forecast isn't too bad for january. BUT i can't take it anymore. i am over winters. i am over going outside and feeling cold. i am over salt lake county's inversion that makes everything ugly. i've said this in winters past, but i really mean it this time - this is going to be my last winter in utah.

i have decided to move to southern california. i really don't like living in utah and don't have a very good reason to continue - other than a good job and friends, but i'm sure i can find another good job and my friends can visit me (or move with me...) and i'll make new ones too.

it will be a fun adventure and it will be new. i need something new. new is scary and exciting all at the same time. and i haven't really had to do that in a looong time.

now i need your help. where is the best place for a single lds girl to live? i would prefer one of the towns that has a beach in it. like newport beach, laguna beach, huntington beach, etc. mainly because that is what i know from tv. and when i've been there they seem like really nice places to live. how do i go about this? i've only lived in provo and my sister's basement....

who wants to move there with me and embark on this journey together? who wants to help me find a job or knows of something that will be opening up in the next couple months? help me please!

CALIFORNIA!!!!!! here i come!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

now that's a promise!

while i agree with this statement to a certain extent, i'm not sure why this is and other statements like "be your own valentine" or "exercise your heart today" are considered promises.

maybe instead of calling their chocolates "promises," they should call them "phrases that appeal to women."