Monday, August 17, 2009


sorry alex beazer. this post is completely about clothing, so you can just stop reading right now.

as i mentioned in my previous post, i am very excited for fall clothing. for the past month i have been compiling a list of fall essentials...

the jeans. these are my fall jeans, so cute right? i saw them on urban's website and just knew i had to have them and they were on sale, so martha and i promptly went over to buy them. and they are so cute. they are levi's and the color is "eyeliner." i have decided that i am going to be one of those people that tucks shirts into jeans this fall and how cute would this shirt be tucked into these jeans?
the answer to that question is very cute.

i really want some brown boots and aren't these fryes just divine? this could be me, how precious. oh wait, fryes are really expensive. but wouldn't they be a good investment? anyone want to invest in me wearing these boots around town?

fair isle sweaters. i really want one, they just look so precious and comfortable.

i am trying to stray from t-shirts everyday and i love how this top can be casual and effortless, but you can dress it up all at the same time. it's kind of the perfect shirt.

yes, i have an obsession with plaid. but how cute am i going to look walking around campus everyday in this little number? pretty darn cute until i see 50 other girls with the same jacket because i bought it at the nordstrom anniversary sale. fmfo (think about it for a minute, if you know me pretty well, you'll figure it out).

the sartorialist book is out now. i need to get this book and get outfit ideas so i can look oh so chic everyday.

since i am now an adult, living on my own, my mom doesn't take me school shopping for new clothes. i unfortunately have no money but really want new clothes. what's a girl to do? i would be willing to let you take me school shopping...pretty please? i'll make it worth your while...

what are the fall essentials you need for your wardrobe?


hollylynn said... must have frye boots. you must. my mom donated hers to me. my dad bought them for her at ream's when they were engaged in the early 80's. cute, or cute?? i'm going to have to dedicate a post to that.

BEAZER said...

the first 3 pictures look like clothing for dudes.

megan thomas said...

wow I am completely out of style. I am delighted for fall sweaters.