Tuesday, August 4, 2009

running out of time

so it's august and summer is quickly fading...well not really, but school starts in 27 days and i have quite a few things i want to do before i become a slave to my studies. okay, we all know that i have never been a "slave to my studies" since studying is very very low on my list of favorite things to do, but i think we can all agree that once school starts, i will have much less time.

at the beginning of the summer i made a list of projects i wanted to accomplish:
1. alter a dress that is several sizes too big, but hey it was only $10 - done, though it didn't really work exactly how i had envisioned
2. hem all of my dress pants - attempted, but brooke told me to not hem them and start wearing heels to work (which i also have not done and will not do)
3. make a dress
4. make a quilt - in progress
5. sew pillows for the living room in my apt - done, pictures to come
6. make a skirt
7. make my citizen jeans shorts - done

i have obviously made a lot of progress on these projects...

and i have all these adventures i want to go on before school starts:
1. bear lake
2. float provo river
3. seven peaks
4. kfc in a park
5. camping

i also want to:
1. become a bronze goddess (well on my way after a lot of hard work)
2. finish reading the historian (almost there, though i don't want it to end)
3. make jam
4. become a runner
5. start riding my bike

so much to do in only 27 short summer days. do you have any goals you need to accomplish before the summer ends?


Afton or Brooke said...

1. Get Paige to wear high heels other places than church.

BEAZER said...

2. Get Paige to have at least one non fashion-related goal.