Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yeah, i know him.

so, zac robinson is the quarterback at osu and he apparently is doing quite well. ever heard of him? he went to my high school (chatfield senior high, go chargers! haha, gay) and we were kind of friends. we had a couple classes together and he said hi to me in the halls, and we're friends on i think that pretty much qualifies us as friends. is it slightly awkward that i have googled him before? okay, so i'm kind of a creepy stalker, but that is besides the point.

the whole reason why i am bringing this up is that he was on the cover of sports illustrated last week. pretty big right? click here and you can read about it, and there's a video. he is becoming quite the big deal because wikipedia said that he is "on pace to become the greatest quarterback in Oklahoma State history." if wikipedia says it then it is true.

moral of the story is that i know someone that is quickly becoming famous, our booths were right next to each other in photo freshman year. pretty awesome.

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martha said...

did you make him promise you that he'd remember you if he got famous?