Wednesday, August 5, 2009

pudge thoughts

i don't know how i feel about this.
we are definitely having a party like this one at our apartment when school starts. let the awkwardness begin.

really? 61 times? i don't know if this story is more ridiculous or sad.

have you seen this poster? definitely creepy.

so tony romo broke up with jessica simpson. i am still hoping for her to get back together with nick lachey. they were just so precious together. all i know is that every saturday in high school i watched marathons of the newlyweds on mtv and it was pretty much amazing. and apparently since nick's break up with vanessa manillo he has been rebounding with some girl that looks like jessica. why can't these two just realize they are supposed to be together?


Ben, Jill, and Brooklyn Watts said...

Okay Paige, you are one funny girl. I found your blog, and am so glad I did, because you are too funny. I hope you are doing good, and I really can't believe you are almost done with school. Crazy. : )

P.S. We still have those cute boys for you - they live in Farmington . . . still not married. : )

martha said...

i have seen the obama picture. yikes! is it bad that i secretly love it?

please tell me that nasty asian girl isn't michael cera's girlfriend. i am still incredibly disappointed about Year One's reviews. i think we should see it anyway and make our own call.

Alexandra said...

K I definitely saw that game on Cup of Jo and thought it was ingenious. amazing. sensually tense games make my life complete.

megan thomas said...

I am totally agreeing with your thoughts of nick and Jess. I too followed them everywhere and I have a small glimmer of hope that they will realize they are perfect together. Love the family pics. I can't believe how much Eryn looks like your mom. Yeah, must have been adopted Paige. You are so stinking adorable, as are all your sisters though! My favorite picture of the day is you and your dads eyebrow raise. pretty freaking funny!