Monday, August 31, 2009

warning: several photos of the milne babies to follow.

i had the opportunity to live with my sister, brooke's family over the summer. school started today, so i am back down in provo and i kind of miss my babies. i mean honestly, our family makes the cutest, funniest, most precious babies in the world. the blandford babies are quite hilarious and precious too.

these kids look good in sunglasses.

how could you resist that beautiful face?

aftie just loves our grandma coralie.

afton said that i had to take them for a drive in my car before i moved out.
after about seven minutes afton was like, "i thought this was going to be a short drive." okay...

i am really enjoying being down in my apartment and with my friends, but i will definitely miss seeing these little characters everyday. afton said that she wishes i could just live with them forever. i told her that i couldn't and she said "well maybe you can just get a house next to ours and we could still see you everyday." someday aftie, someday.

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Afton or Brooke said...

i seriously have a tear in my eye. we miss you so much! I am looking for a babysitter for friday night if you are interested. I know the babies would love to hang and afton said she wants you to help her plan her "rock'n'roll" b-day party!