Sunday, August 23, 2009

life is good

do you feel like in your early twenties you are constantly changing, growing, and just kind of figuring it all out? i definitely feel that way. it's just like, "really? do i really have that much more to learn and experience?" that sounds so naive, but sometimes i really do feel that way. i am just going through experience and trial after experience and trial, which we all go through during our entire lives on this earth, but i really just feel like it is intensified in your twenties, but it is just the beginning.

every few months or so i figure something out/come out of a trial/get over it and reflect on how different i am now compared to what i was before. i am kind of doing that right now. i recently found clarity to an issue that has kind of been consuming my life for the past while and i really couldn't feel better. i just feel invincible, i know that feeling will change quickly, but i want to enjoy it while i can. i have learned so much this past week and it has been right in front of me for months, but i guess i just wasn't ready. after finding this clarity, i have a more clear picture of the person that i am and what i want in this life. even though things don't go the way i imagine, i know that it is the best thing for me. i know that God knows me, i can see His hand in my life and i know that He has a plan for me. regardless of what i envision for my life, God's vision is going to win, so i might as well stop fighting it and just accept it. this has really been an awesome week, i am so happy about life right now.

this is the greatest song ever. it will change your life. dustin o'halloran's music is beautiful and so is he.


martha said...

i absolutely adore the animation. *sigh you're right, the song changed my life.

Jason + Sarah said...

I love this song. i think it might just help my piano playing career come back to life.