Sunday, August 9, 2009

plaid shirts required

one good thing about utah is that there is a fair pretty much every weekend. i don't know if there were fairs in colorado, but i never went to one until i came to utah.

post river trauma, we decided to go up to the weber county fair in ogden and we had a great time. don't worry the plaid is not a coincidence.

i think this was called a scottish highlander. it was kind of huge and precious.
i had to wait like five min. for this woman to stop petting it so i could take a picture. gross.

this cow smacked her with its ear about half a second later.

lindsey's a little timid now.

this thing was huge.
all i remember is that it was from brazil.

i am apparently really pissed that this goat won't look at me.

these goats really loved each other.

i swear this animal doesn't have a head.

karaoke. terrifying.

but seriously, does anyone have any milk?

we went to a ysa thing at the u after.
that explains the expression on my face.


martha said...

the plaid is a must, i completely agree. :)

Mauri said...

cutest plaid shirts. Crazy random animals too. Pretty sure I haven't seen half of them before.

The end picture=priceless.