Sunday, March 8, 2009

making some changes.

so i have been thinking about it for a while and i finally did it. i cut my hair. i have had long hair since my senior year of high school and since i am now a senior in college, i thought it was about time for a change.


and drum roll please...

yes, my face is rather awkward in this picture.

and another recent development/change in the life of pudge: i started exercising! sarah and i go to a step kardio fusion class three times a week and i have to admit i kind of love it. the class started in january and i can tell such a difference. i have higher endurance, my abs are as hard as a rock, and when i flex my arms there is a bump! who knew, right? our teacher on saturdays is amazing - my chest and legs are so sore, i can barely move. but i half love the pain because i know it's working. i am pretty sure i am becoming addicted to working out and it is slightly awkward.

i'm a whole new pudge!


Linds said...

you are beautiful. i'm so glad that i got to take that picture of you in your post-haircut photoshoot.

megan thomas said...

So I hear that can happen. Once you start to work out, you become addicted. I don't think addictions are good, so I am going to stay clear from any gym or program. Love the hair. That is a huge thing to cut your hair. I threaten to every time, but then I say, "oh, lets just do an inch today." I'm very brave.

mickelle said...

love your hair! i sat behind you in church and saw it, but then i left early. anyways, i like it

aly-son said...

i LoVe it! you look so amazing. will you please be a model. america's next top model is auditioning models UNDER 5'7! you are so fierce that you would work those bitty's!

Denise said...

You sure are!! New and Improved.

Its so much fun to do a makeover, make you feel so pretty!!

Mine is coming soon.

martha said...

see, i like this look on you. this is a great length. it seems short enough to be fresh, but long enough to still play around with. maybe mid-length is your look.

ps. when are we going to hang out again? we need to have a get together soon.