Sunday, March 15, 2009

unconditional love.

ladies and gentlemen, i have found mutual love. 

i have found something i love with all my heart and that something loves me right back.  i was introduced to this special something a few years ago, and my life has never been the same since. one could say that it literally changed my life.

i know you are dying to know, what is it that has paige so smitten?  oh, it's just the greatest thing to ever happen to her.  

dove unconditional chocolate ice cream.  the name does not disappoint.  it is always there when you need it and is always so incredibly satisfying.  it has a layer of ganache that you break through to get to the ice cream.  the ice cream itself is chocolate and has chocolate chunks and chocolate swirls in it.  if that doesn't sound like perfection, i don't know what does.

utah is a little behind on things (and when i say "things" i mean pretty much everything amazing) and didn't get this little piece of heaven until almost a year ago.  in colorado this puppy is not hard to find, just hop on over to your local safeway and you're good to go.  this has not been the case in utah.  unconditional chocolate had a short stint at the 7-11 on university ave. and 500 north in the winter of 2006 and disappeared much too soon.  albertson's also thought it would be a good idea to carry dove ice cream, but in every flavor except unconditional chocolate.  such a travesty.  

one night last spring i was on an ice cream run with my roommates at smith's and there it was.  i could not believe my eyes.  i started hyperventilating and proceeded to purchase this little piece of divinity.  on occasion the smith's in provo is out of it and i have to drive all the way up to orem to get it.  have you ever been to the smith's in orem?  around midnight?  slightly terrifying.  i am so passionate about this ice cream, i called ahead to the orem store to make sure they had it and asked if i could put it on hold when i was on my way up there.  sounds a little crazy now doesn't it?

go to smith's, buy it (on sale for $1.99 right now - don't worry i bought 3), and let the life changing begin.  you can thank me later.


Linds said...

divine. you forgot to mention it's not moody.

hollylynn said...

paige, if i'm not mistaken, i happened to run into you the night you found this ice cream while i was also perusing for my favorite flavor.

i have yet to try this...but i think today might be the day.

becky said...

I like your new blog header. I wish I could feel good about indulging in unconditional chocolate. Oh to be young again!

Jason + Sarah said...

love is that header what you were working on last night? I am assuming so...precious!

Alex said...

you are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

first of all.. your little icon picture thing is from arkansas!!!!! are you coming to visit this summer? it's technically your turn. if i get the internship in arizona then you can just come there.. but otherwise it's arkansas for you missy. also. i MISS MISS MISS unconditional chocolate. every time i go to the store i make jeff help me look for it.. just in case they decide to start carrying it in arkansas. fat change.. but whatevs. and i'll probably never read your reply to this.. so um reply on facebook please haha.

Britt said...

ooh Paige. I love that you'd call to put ice cream on hold. i love it. p.s. I'm totally going to look for this the next time i shop.