Wednesday, March 11, 2009

about that time.

this happens pretty much every week.  i sit on my bed watching tv while "trying" to write a paper.  i make a little progress and then surf for a little bit and decide i should post on my blog.

so here we are.  i just made a powerpoint on the history of the bustle while watching america's next top model.  now i am watching seinfeld and have to write a two page paper on the bustle but just can't quite bring myself to do it.  not that writing a two page paper is difficult, it seems rather simple compared to that twelve page research paper i am avoiding.  can i just tell you how much i am going to enjoy not writing papers when i graduate?  i would rather take a test any day than write a paper.  i tend to do better on papers, but i just procrastinate until the very last second and make everything much more stressful than the situation warrants.  for example, i had a research proposal due last week that took more than six hours to write and when i actually put forth a little effort, it really only took about an hour and a half - if that.  why do i do this to myself?  it's almost as if i am intentionally trying to torture myself because i know full well that if i just focused i could get it done rather quickly, allowing time for fun things.  but no, i just continue on in the same fashion like i always do.  this is getting quite ridiculous.

here's a nice little tangent for you:  emma roberts is precious.  she is on the cover of april's teen vogue, yes i am almost twenty-two and have a subscription to teen vogue.  the clothes are cute and i'm not gonna lie, some of the articles are very applicable to my life.  so sue me.  

anyhow, emma roberts is just so dang cute.

this photo shoot makes me yearn for summer and want to do more photography.


BEAZER said...

she reminds me of this

Jason + Sarah said...

i agree, summertime needs to be! And her clothes are just precious. I'm sure alex loves how once again this blog post started about something other than clothes and ended in clothes.

P.S. now you return the favor. haha