Thursday, March 26, 2009

stay focused.

in a few months time it will be warm.  consistently warm.  you won't have to walk against the bitter wind causing tears to stream down your face and feel awkward when you reach your destination wiping away said tears and sniffing from the freezing temperatures and wishing you had a sign across your chest that says "i swear i'm not crying.  and trust me, if i was it would look a lot more awkward than this."  it's going to be amazing.  and i'm sure sometimes it will be a little too warm and i'll start complaining about how incredibly hot it is, but i will think back to the bitterness of this day and be grateful.  

aaaahhh, summer is just around the corner.  we all just need to stay focused and strategize how we are going to become bronze gods/goddesses.  my plans include going to the pool every available second and perhaps a trip to lake powell or to new york and montauk???  the possibilities really are endless.  in between all the work and sun time, i intend to get several buckets of chicken and have quite a few picnics over the summer.  let me know if you're interested in joining in on a great time.  

how do you intend to become gloriously tan and increase your chances for skin cancer?


Jen Wangsgard said...

Count me in on the buckets of chicken! I plan on delaying work at Goldman just to lay out at the pool all afternoon....probably for the last time in my life :( Lets fill this summer with nothing but wonderfulness!

Jason + Sarah said...

you should bring one of those buckets of chicken down to vegas when you come to visit me this summer and we'll go boating with it all day long.

Britt said...

Can I please have any one of the ensembles those young women are wearing please? Love. And.. summer... oh summer where are you?