Friday, February 27, 2009

have you seen this?

please tell me you have seen the secret life of bees. this movie is amazing. i read the book a couple years ago and thought that it too was amazing, but the movie just affected me so much more - probably because i am a visual person. i saw the movie twice in the theater (big deal when you're poor) and rented it the week it came out on dvd. i thought it was well cast which is surprising because i don't really like queen latifa or alicia keys, but they all played their parts so well, especially dakota fanning. i am so impressed by dakota, she is such a good little actress. she has this presence in a movie that is remarkable for only being 15 years old and she has been that way ever since she started acting. she reminds me of my niece, so maybe i am a little biased. anyway, the movie is wonderful. if you haven't seen it, please do - it will make you feel so good inside. you will want to cry the entire movie and if you're like me, you will cry through the entire movie.

i don't want to spoil anything, so i will just tell you this - moral of the story: everyone deserves to be loved.

anyone else as mesmerized with this movie as i am?

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Alex said...

Okay, just yesterday I was thinking about how amazing an actress Dakota EVERYTHING she's been in. She's seriously up there with meryl streep, in my opinion. oh, i loved Bees too!