Sunday, May 2, 2010


i stole a blue gumball out of one of those by-the-pound candy bins at albertson's when i was a small child. when we were driving home, my mom asked me where i had gotten the piece of gum i was chewing. i was mad at myself for not realizing that my mom was intelligent and would know what i had done.

when i was five i stole a hot pink watch from tj maxx. as soon as we got home i went over to the neighbor's to show it to them. while i was waiting for them to come to the door i scraped off the price tag as quickly as i could. they never answered and i went home. my mom caught me with it (i must have been wearing it) and i got into trouble. i told her that i needed it to learn how to tell time. my dad drove me back to the store and made me apologize. if my memory serves me correctly, the store clerk didn't seem to care that i had taken the watch. this made me feel like stealing is okay.


Jared Klundt said...

Stealing is definitely ok. Well, at least as far as candy and digital media is concerned. Maybe don't steal watches anymore (unless they're really, incredibly, just supes pretty).

Jess said...

I never knew you were such a liitle hoodlum!

MacKenzie said...

Sounds like that crazy little girl I nannied for...had to pat her down and check inside her tights every time we left a store. At least I know there's a chance she'll grow up to be semi-normal.