Friday, May 21, 2010


so...i graduated. a month ago - i'm a little behind in blogging about the events of my life.
to my left is my old roommate, sarah, from my sophomore year. we got to have a precious little reunion.
even the grandparents came.
brooke and david threw me an awesome bbq with deliciously amazing food.
family and friends came.
isn't it irritating that i am wearing a turtleneck sweater at the end of april at a bbq? it is taking forever for summer to arrive in utah. it's supes annoying.

so that was graduation. it was a great day and i am so thankful that i am surrounded by family and friends that are so supportive.

stay tuned for posts about my birthday and new york (which was awesome, by the way).

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Mauri said...

You are adorable. Congrats on graduating. I'm taking my sweet time doing that haha oops! What a fun bbq! I'll send some summer sunshine your way!