Thursday, April 14, 2011

i don't know if you know this

...but my birthday is in 30 days.

i am going to be 24 exactly one month from today.

i thought i would accomplish a few things by/in my 24th year and i haven't done any of them nor am i really on track...but hey, anything can happen.


Mars said...

That's the joy of life. It's so unexpected and cannot really be planned. Enjoy the crazy ride! :) I hope you're compiling an amazing list of pretty things to lust after (hey when it comes to a wish list being worldy is acceptable haha) for the day!

gerbdesign said...

That's so fun! And you * surprisingly* still look great! ;)

Jason + Sarah said...

I saw the date yesterday and totally thought, hum one month till paiges birthday. talk about how i'm the best friend ever and you are always on my mind.