Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i'd like to introduce you to my best friend.

i gave this kid a ride home from high school one time and he told me "paige, your car is so weird. it just fits you so well." umm get out of my car.

about a year ago i realized my car is my best friend. we spend at least 80 minutes commuting together everyday. it is so dependable and always there for me. it still loves me even when i wait a year to get the oil changed (i wish that was an exaggeration). and not once has it ever let me down. such amazing loyalty. the hatchback is just so convenient, i don't know how i'd live without one now. and we've just made so many memories. i have come to cherish all those midsummer road trips to colorado, just me and the civic. perfection.

i have also come to the realization that the civic might die soon. it's running okay but i kind of put it through a lot with my commute everyday. since coming to this realization i have been looking at cars. the only ones that i like are suvs from the 1980s/1990s or bmw 3 series.

you know how when women are trying to get pregnant and all they see are babies? well i am apparently trying to get pregnant with a jeep cherokee from the early 1990s. i seriously saw like 100 of them today and i am in love.
they all just scream "paige, love me! we'd be so happy together!" and i'd totally be down with some wood paneling. the boxier the better. i don't like how aerodynamic, 'sleek' and efficient all these new cars are nowadays.

these cars are hardly fuel efficient and i have a 40 minute commute. they are also old and will most likely have problems. but these cars make heart flutter. literally. i get the butterflies and my heart skips when i think about driving them.

all of this has led me to the question:
am i allergic to practicality?


Jill said...

I really can see you in this! It just wouldn't be the same as the good ol' Civic though. I remember when you got her and you couldn't drive a stick...that was funny.

Afton or Brooke said...

PLEASE, PLEASE do not buy an old jeep. They might seem cute but are total pieces of crap!

Mars said...

so cute! I could totally see you sporting one with the wood paneling. But yeah practicality might be out the window. I hope you find something that fits both :) I had theeeeee hardest time deciding what kind of car I wanted. Until I got my baby and I love her! I never realized how much I was missing out on with an older car haha!

Jason + Sarah said...

just be smart and buy another honda! obviously they are reliable and the best car out there. it will be one sad day when the civic is gone though. we had some good times.

becky said...

Get something that gets really good gas mileage. I would be tempted to look at a used 3 series, but may not be the best option.