Sunday, April 17, 2011

so i colored my hair yesterday

for some reason i think you want to be up-to-date with my hair status and since i feel awkward posting pictures of myself alone i kind of forced my roommates into a photo shoot. we also have zero pictures together and they're all leaving me in a week.

look at these lovely ladies! and it's warm outside!
this one was the best picture until carolyn got cropped out.
precious little outtake
so the style of my hair color is called 'ombre' or 'melt.' if you can't tell in the pictures, it's dark at the roots and gets lighter on the ends. i've liked it for a while and it is pretty trendy but i just figured i might as well go for it. i really like how it turned out.

ps - this was my 300th post!


*AnDIe* said...

wow. why is one of your roommates totally lame and not wearing a dress like everyone else? what an outcast. seriously though.

emma said...

Remember how we went and visited Siara on the same day? She told me your hair looked fabulous and I agree. It really turned out so great.

Mars said...

aahhh you did it! Looks good!