Sunday, February 12, 2012

lady trip

back in september we thomas ladies took a little trip to new york. it mainly consisted of walking and shopping, with a few meals in between.

yes, that is tom selleck.

view from our hotel in soho.

outside the forever 21 in time square. it has five levels!!!

freedom tower

brooklyn flea

dinner at ditch plains. sorry mama, you're a little washed out in this one.

should i have maybe bought some more?
i may have left with shin splints and my sisters only made me cry once - getting dressed for church is hard!

but it was really great to spend time together and explore the city (by 'city' i mean 'every h&m'). we're pretty lucky to have each other. :)

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Mars said...

holy fun. I am jealous. 1. of all your sisters you have 2. how all of you (including your mom) always look freaking adorable 3. that you got to shop in NY!