Wednesday, May 18, 2011

i know you've just been waiting to hear about this.

i turned twenty-four on saturday.

it was just a wonderful, low key day. filled with breakfast at kneaders, my babies' (we've established that this refers to my nieces and nephews, right?) soccer game, a 20 minute laying out attempt before the sky (literally) rained on my parade, lunch, target, a precious little wedding reception and fast 5. you may have noticed that i am pretty much obsessed with my birthday. i just think that it is really cool that we celebrate the days that we come into the world. it doesn't have to be a big, grandiose celebration. just the acknowledgement and going out of your way to make someone feel special on their day is what matters to me. and i certainly felt special on my day. so thank you to everyone that contributed!

now let me tell you about my life as a 24 year old. i had my health screening at work today for my insurance premium discount and i learned that i am shorter (wha???) and fatter than i was at 23. one inch shorter and 6 pounds heavier to be exact. really? isn't it a little early for that. i certainly hope this doesn't mean that i need to start working out because let's just be honest. i get winded walking up the stairs... but at least i have the face and acne of a 17 year old, right? right???

but seriously. other than this health screening - which i think was bogus because i have been 5'5" for a while now and i weighed myself this morning at home and it was the same as what i weighed this time last year - i have high hopes for my 24th year of life. seems to be going pretty well so far.

and let's just talk about fast 5 for a quick second. it was definitely enjoyable and probably the best one they've made so far, but i could have used a little less vin and a lot more paul. good thing they're working on a 6th movie!

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martha said...

6th movie? geez. when will they stoooopppp.. let's get paul walker a new character. maybe a hot spot in a chic flick. is that too much to ask?

also, happy birthday. again. :) sounds like a great day, and i totally agree with your idea of birthday celebrations.

i miss you paige. i can't wait to see you in june if not in may. ;)