Friday, May 13, 2011

sisters, sisters

all of my sisters were in town last weekend (by "in town" i mean utah, brooke and i both live here) and we had a grand old time. eryn flew out from new york for her friend, alexis' wedding on saturday and shea decided to fly out from colorado to make it an official sisters weekend.
one of the benefits of the incredibly slow shutter speed on my iphone camera is that when a person moves their arm in front of another person it makes it look like the stationary person is wearing a half shirt.
twins. grandpa glade is seriously the cutest.
i love my family.

post script: i do have a brother, he is just serving a mission for our church. otherwise we would have had invited him to our sister (sibling) weekend.

post post script: i know that this was probably an overload of iphone app edited photos, but trust me. my iphone doesn't take the best pictures and the apps definitely make the pictures look better. AND MY 24TH BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!!! is that enough reminders?


Mars said...

oh so presh! You guys are all beauties. How fun to have a sisters weekend! Happy Birthday to you! Eat lots of cupcakes, go shopping, lay out and bronze yourself, get a pedicure, and do whatever you want :)

Jill said...

This makes me so happy.

martha said...

YAY! happy birthday! :) go with me to Nordstrom Rack? for old times sake?

also, precious pictures. your hair is so long.