Tuesday, May 3, 2011

don't mind if i do

this is what my apartment complex looked like at 6 am saturday morning. so i decided to just take a little weekend trip to vegas to visit the dodsons and some sunshine.
gross, right? bleh.

this is what i like to call sweet perfection.
the dodsons. i like to take credit for their love.

it was so fun to catch up and spend some time in the sun. i just wish that my nemesis, the wind, would have subsided so i could have gotten a tan and that i could have stayed longer, 2 days just isn't very mich time for a vacation.

my first trip to vegas was when we took a little jaunt down our junior year (3 1/2 years ago... yikes) for the byu vs. unlv football game. such a precious little time in our lives.


Jill said...

You need to go to the H&M in the Forum Shops at Cesars! It's huge!

Jason + Sarah said...

Oh how precious this little trip was.