Wednesday, May 9, 2012


fast five was on tv last night.

as i sat there and watched the last 20 minutes i thought to myself, "man, i wish the sixth fast and furious movie was out so that paul walker and i could spend my birthday together like we did last year."

because i don't know if you know this, but my 25th birthday is in five days.


don't worry, there's still time to get me a present.  i even made a board on pinterest to help you in your search, you can view it here. if it isn't obvious, i'd really like a pair of j.crew shorts.  i'd also like to add a costco/giant size bag of riesens to that list.  every year i hope that someone will get this for me and no one ever does. so this year i am just going to ask for it.

i'm going to be 25 in five days.


*AnDIe* said...

i love this post. i also LOVE riesens too. i had no idea you were a riesen fan. i would totally buy you some if i were there. you can count on a giant bag of them next time i'm in utah (hopefully soon). i hear great things about being 25...really.

Nicole said...

Paige! I was facebook stalking my sister then i started facebook stalking you which led me to your blog which i have been reading and laughing out loud at for a half hour! I hope you have a great birthday! (terry twin Nicole)