Friday, July 13, 2012

rollin', rollin', rollin'

this is the minutes part of my cell phone bill for this month:

you may need to click on it to make it bigger.

i just think that this bill is hilarious.  the minimum plan that you can have at at&t is 450 minutes for like $40 something a month.  included in the plan are unlimited mobile to mobile and 5,000 minutes, plus what you don't use of the 450 rolls over every month.

well THANK GOODNESS for rollover.  because i used 12 of my 450 minutes and i certainly don't want to miss out on the 438 minutes that i didn't use this month so that i can have 4,526 minutes next month because i don't know about you, but i am planning on talking on my cell phone nonstop for the next three years.

because that's what people do with cell phones these days, talk on them.


Mickelle McCrory said...

ha, seriously! get real at&t.

Mars said...

HAHA!! Def don't want to go without those roll over minutes! Texting? Now that's a different story. I was just thinking the other day about how funny it was before unlimited texting was big (or texting in general aka high school) and how ppl would say don't text me back bc I only have 100 text messages this month and I'm almost to my limit (or something of similar fashion).

mckenzi said...

haha story of my life! At least you have facebook as an excuse for communication with your friends... cuz everyone knows you be rockin it

Cuz love:)

mckenzi said...

And this is craaaazy because the one time I get on the comp today and comment on your blog, I saw yours on mine... are we meant to be freaking cousins or what?!

haha I cannot wait to see you paigey! And to be honest I am dying to know about your summer and how things are goin;) Truly the only thought that makes leaving easier is knowing that I will get to climb in to bed with you at night... and follow you around everywhere you go. ya that is happening:)

Haha so excited to play with you... thanks for being willing to have me there with you guys! So fun!