Sunday, July 8, 2012


i know.  you've been waiting on the edge of our seat with all of these pudge questions.

well, i'm just going to make your day and answer all those questions right now.

1. did paige survive her tonsillectomy?
i sure did!  i really started to come around a corner after that post.  i can eat and drink whateva the h i want now and it is glorious.

2. how was her 25th birthday? did she get to spend the day with paul walker?
it was pretty darn good.  my birthday fell on a monday this year and i HATE working on mondays.  i seriously want to die every monday so i was not about to spend my birthday feeling that way.  brooke made me breakfast in bed, i got some awesome presents, went to lunch at cheesecake factory at city creek, shopped, went to spanish fork reservoir, and had costa vida for dinner.  here's photographic evidence:
grayson and me at the cheesecake factory

really the best part is that i got to spend the day with people i love. which unfortunately did not include paul walker.  one day paulie, one day.

3. how is paige's summer going?
i'd say it's going pretty well.  june was a difficult month but july is looking pretty good.  for example, the milnes were out of town this weekend and i had some lovely visitors so i cooked some very delicious summer meals and went to seven peaks salt lake. and parked my car in the garage. hollaaa!

4. is she going to move to california?
ehhhhh that's a tricky one.  i just get distracted by the summers here, they're just so pleasant.  so i have given myself until like august/september to figure out my life.  ask me again in a couple months.

5. does she still live in her sister's basement?
yes. i've just been livin' the dream for almost 11 months! high five!

6. is she looking forward to the summer olympics?

7. has she seen the nordstrom anniversary sale catalog yet?  what does she think?
yes.  i have seen a few items that i am very interested in.  i think i just might have to miss work the day that the sale starts.  priorities people.

you're welcome.


Jill said...

You make me so happy.

Mars said...

haha I love everything about this! I get to hit the Nords sale early and that could be dangerous.

mckenzi said...

hahah Paigey! I loooove your writing, you are so funny! And, ehm, I saw your cute dress on instagram... it looks so cute! Would you please start a blog please?

I miss you and would love to be updated on your life soon?? Be expecting a call:)

Love you!