Tuesday, November 25, 2008

typical mormon female blog entry about ...you guessed it, twilight.

everyone's talking about it, so i guess i will too. twilight. i'm not gonna lie, i have been waiting for this movie to come out for months and was incredibly excited to see it. there, i said it. i'm obsessed with twilight. my roommate lindsey and i both got on an email list to alert us the second the tickets went on sale, and we purchased tickets (along with our roommate jen) for opening night which was last friday. we got to the theater an hour and a half early and had to wait in line and close our ears when all the people in the shows before us walked out and analyzed every aspect of the movie. luckily, we got in the theater without too many spoilers and we were ready. we tried to keep our expectations low, so as not to be too disappointed. it was actually pretty good, much better than i thought. i only had a few qualms with it. ummm, since when did edward wear red lipstick? and i know for a fact that bella always had pants on when she kissed edward. not once was she kissing him in her underwear as it was portrayed in the movie. there wasn't much in the movie that was the same as the books, but isn't that usually how it goes? i did really like edward by the end of the movie and i really thought he was going to be horrible, but he was precious. all in all, it was pretty good and i guess i would see it again. what did you think of the movie?

and now i want my hair to look like kristen stewart's. let's see if shea can do it.

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Aubrey said...

haha! paige, i'm glad you liked the movie too! it was totally better than i thought it was going to be. i agree about the lipstick thing...kind of awkward.