Sunday, December 21, 2008

nick and norah's infinite playlist = no good.

honestly, one of the worst movies i've seen all year (aside from house bunny, but we all had low expectations for that).  i did not like this movie because...

1.  do these children have parents?  what 17 year old stays out until 4:30 in the morning in new york city without their parents harassing them to come home.

2.  completely unrealistic.  maybe my teenage years were much different than the rest of the world, but i never experienced the kinds of things depicted in this movie.  i had a curfew, parents who cared and i hung out with people my own age, not losers in their mid-twenties.

3.  disappointing.  i certainly hope that the majority of teens are not this casual about sex.  it was depicted as not a big deal and all of the significance of it was completely lost.  i also thought it was awfully perverted for a pg-13.

maybe i am naive to the way teenagers live now, but my adolescence was a far cry from the lives of the characters in nick and norah's infinite playlist.  i am glad my life wasn't like that.  all i can say is that i thought it would be this movie about kids listening to good music and michael cera being precious.  he really is so precious though.  anyway, i would not recommend this movie unless you want to lose faith in the world.


mark said...

the only thing that couldve made this movie more uncomfortable wouldve been amanda bynes pretending to be a man.

Linds said...

sad. we had such high expectations from this precious child.