Sunday, September 21, 2008

catching up

i have been so busy and lazy (who knew it was possible to be both at the same time?) lately that i haven't updated my blog in a while, so i thought i would write about the happenings this past month.

at the end of august i got to watch my niece and nephew for five days while my sister and her husband went to mexico. we had a great time (aside from a few breakdowns).

painting their prizes for being good during the day.

you can tell he is having the time of his life based off his serious expression.

at the water park in provo, sarah was very nice to come with us and help me watch the kiddies.

grayson's prize one morning for following the sleep rules.

afton and grayson love their brownie mix.

learning about sharks at the aquarium.

we had so much fun, and did a lot. i am sure brooke is cringing at all of the messy faces/bodies.

other happenings...
-school is back in session. is that a good or bad thing?
-all of the boys from my freshman year are back from their missions and at byu.
-i am a senior in college! i cannot believe it.
-i took a fun little trip home to colorado last weekend with brooke and her kids. our whole family was at home and my grandparents too, so we had a nice little reunion.
-i finally saw mamma mia, which was hilarious because it was so ridiculous, very entertaining.
-fall is starting to set in and i am so excited because it is my favorite season.
-i threw a bridal shower for my friend sarah yesterday and it turned out really precious.
-two of my roommates and i drove up to sundance this evening and it was beautiful with all the changing leaves.
-we watched prom night last night and it was so retarded and incredibly predictable, yet i still shrieked, jumped, and covered my face with my blanket.

i am sure other interesting things have happened, but this post is just way too long.


Afton or Brooke said...

VERY cute pics of the kids. glad i wasn't there to clean up though. i guess that explains why they love you so much!

Afton or Brooke said...
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megan thomas said...

Ya know Paige I feel the same about myself. Extremely busy and extremely lazy all at the same time. How does this happen? I hope your not to busy this week to watch The Office! What am I saying? You wouldn't miss such a life changing event!