Sunday, January 17, 2010

color me a party

we had our color party on friday night and it was (of course) a success. "what does a color party involve" you ask? well, quite a bit. all party attendees were instructed to wear all one color or several colors. i tried wearing all gray since it is my favorite color but it just wasn't quite jazzy enough so i decided to wear every color instead. once people got to the party, they had the pleasure of enjoying a playlist consisting of all songs with colors in the title and...

a wall covered in paper for people to write/draw on
a color wall for people to get their picture taken in front of
a streamer covered ceiling
candy separated by color (don't worry, i had recovered from my pink eye when i separated all the candy and i washed my hands several times)
and even gordon got to join in on the fun for one last hoorah before he had to go back to andrea's uncle's dark, cold, lonely garage. (we're all pretty upset...i can't even talk about it)
the party was pretty much awesome and you can click here to see the facebook album for more pictures - you can see them even if you don't have facebook.


martha said...

paige, i love your outfit the best. not only is it rockin' with color, it is a touch of 80s throw back. well done, as usual.

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

Best night of my life... hands down

P.S. Let me know how your interview goes today!

Mauri said...

You are the best party planner! Seriously. So cute!