Thursday, January 7, 2010

warning: the following post is kind of/very shallow.

what do you notice when you look at these pictures (other than my awkward face in the first one)?

i am stinking pale right now. the first two pictures are from the end of this past summer and i am quite tan (especially for me), one might even say that i am a bronze goddess. and the last picture was taken just a few weeks ago.

don't get me wrong, i embrace that i am a fair caucasian and that pastey is my natural skin color. that's all well and good, but you know what? i really like summer and i like being tan, i feel healthier, more attractive and have a lot more fun. i have realized that i am not a fall/winter/spring person...i am a summer person. i hate being cold, i don't like snow, my skin hates me in the winter and i thought i loved wearing sweaters, but they are itchy and aren't quite doing it for me this year.

to remedy this situation i have decided to move to california. i just have to find a job and make loads of money first.

that shouldn't be too difficult, right?


magunn said...

Come to me my pretty, I will make all your dreams come true.

megan thomas said...

you'll just get wrinkles in california. stay here paige. be pasty with the rest of us

Jennifer Lane said...

oh my....i'm totally going to California with you.

martha said...

dude that reminds me - what ARE you doing right now? are you working at Shade yet?

Michael C. Hanks said...

Who is that good lookin guy in that last picture!?