Monday, January 25, 2010

my top 25

so my new friend johnny did the top 25 songs he listened to in 2009 on his blog and i decided to steal his idea and make a list of my own. and i even made a playlist of all the songs for your listening pleasure.

25. "this is your life" - the killers
24. "avril 14th" - aphex twin *
23. "jynweythek ylow" - aphex twin *
22. "tonight's today" - jack penate
21. "i know what i am" - band of skulls
20. "ceremony" - new order *
19. "fools rush in (kevin shields remix)" - bow wow wow *
18. "6 underground" - sneaker pimps
17. "flashing lights" - kanye west
16. "dance wiv me" - dizzee rascal & calvin harris
15. "colours" - calvin harris
14. "my weakness" - moby
13. "pumpkin soup" - kate nash
12. "breathe in" - frou frou
11. "home" - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
10. "feel it all around" - washed out
9. "opus 17" - dustin o'halloran *
8. "basic space" - the xx
7. "neon rocks" - calvin harris
6. "cry for you" - september **
5. "back in your head" - tegan and sara
4. "electric feel" - mgmt
3. "full moon" - the black ghosts
2. "opus 36" - dustin o'halloran *
1. "opus 23" - dustin o'halloran (which i listened to 138 times, kind of ridiculous) *

so, what did we learn? pudge is a little obsessed with the marie antoinette soundtrack (songs with an *) and apparently some of her favorite songs are a little embarrassing (i.e. **).

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Rose said...

thank you for giving me something to listen to... my pandora hours are almost gone :(

Holly said...

i'm fine with anything that automatically plays one of the best killers songs of all time.

Nathan said...

Holly sent me here to check out your music list from 2009.

It's so hip that I feel like your bouncer should have flagged me at the door.

Still, I managed to sneak in, and I'm enjoying the list.

martha said...

yessss i love the playlist attachment :)

Johnny said...

You had to one-up me by including the listen-able playlist... I see how it is. You won't get away with this Paige Thomas, you'll see.