Monday, January 25, 2010

what a shame

i give the office one more season, two tops. why do you ask?

flashback episodes are the demise of television series. last week's flashback episode proved just how far downhill this show has come and that the series is pretty much over. apparently the writers can't think of anything original anymore. i wish i was more upset about this...but i'm not.


BEAZER said...

yes, the office sucks. but don't blame flashbacks. LOST has been dominating flashbacks and flashforwards since episode 1. myth: busted.

paige said...

wrong alex. the flashbacks i am referring to are flashbacks to things that already happened on the show, i.e. previous episodes. the flashbacks on LOST are flashbacks to things that didn't already happen on the show. myth: unbusted.

BEAZER said...


wait how does touche not rhyme with douche?