Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dear summer,

please come soon. i can't wait to see you. if you want to come early, it would be greatly appreciated.

love, pudge

i am clearly not over this. i was going through all my photos from the past year because i got an offer for 75 free prints from shutterfly (sorry, it ended yesterday) and i am longing for summer more than ever.

this picture was taken the night before my cousin mckenzi's wedding in arizona last august, which is why i am sweating my face off.
look at all these beautiful, tan, happy faces. not only are we sooo happy that kenzi is getting married, but it is summer.
with my fellow bridesmaid and cousin, the beautiful jamie thomas. so tan, so warm, so happy. now i'm cold and pale.

as i was sitting outside watching my niece and nephew play today, i thought back to the last time i stayed with them. it was early september, quite warm and i got to sit on the driveway and watch them play in the perfect temperature instead of freezing/sweating in 30 degree sunny weather.

just a few more months...slash it is going to take forever to be warm again.


shea said...

i miss my tan.

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

Come with me to AZ and melt in he** all summer! Then tell me how you like being a beautiful bronze goddess:) You are beautiful to me... Did I ever tell you how happy I was you could make it? You are the best cuz, cuz love!

magunn said...

I'm pretty sure I have the hottest family around. And I'm also pretty sure that in California its not only sunny, but a balmy 80-90 degrees most of the time. I think all of you should just come here.