Thursday, February 11, 2010

from the mouths of babes

i just had the following conversation with my four-year-old nephew, grayson:

grayson: i share my toys with my brother (he doesn't have a brother).
me: that's nice of you. what's your brother's name?
grayson: is jason.
me: so, is he your twin since your parents named you grayson and jason?
grayson: yes. but my name is jason too, we have the same name.
me: that's a little weird. do you have a sister too?
grayson: yes. her name is sally (her real name is afton).
afton: no, your sister's name is kalaa.
grayson: no. it is sally. and my dad's name is bear (david) and my mom's name is cute (brooke).

what a family of interesting names.
"jason" often talks a little robo-tronic which made this even more entertaining.


disco stu said...

Perhaps I am his brother...I do fulfill the necessary requirements of the name and talking like a robo-tronic.

Afton or Brooke said...

oh my, this gave me a good giggle tonight. i should always have you around to document all the little ridiculous conversations we have every day.

Elissa said...

um. i love that room!
and his cuteness.