Monday, February 15, 2010

oh michael.

remember how the character michael on lost is played by harold perrineau and how in pretty much all of season 2 he just says "they took my son" over and over and over and it got really annoying?

well, he also played the role of mercutio in the 1996 romeo + juliet. i was reminded of this the other night when it was on tv and i had a good laugh at this part.

on a side note: if you haven't seen this version of romeo and juliet, you need to. it is quite a good movie in my opinion.


Jenni said...

paige elissa and i discovered this a few months ago and watched it over and over again. dear sweet michael. thank you for posting this haha.

BEAZER said...

they TOOK. my SON!!!1!11

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

haha thats pretty much awesome, not going to lie... didn't think much of him in lost, this role is better:) Love you! and I have got sassssss paigey, haha I just can't give it to you cuz I LOVE you

Elissa said...

hahaha!!! I know!!
I watched that movie twice in the past month. as well as titantic. (running theme here- anyone?)
and I had to pause it from laughter!