Monday, February 1, 2010


i am sure that you have noticed "doppleganger week" on facebook. while i refuse to participate in this on fbook, i somehow feel like it's okay on my blog.

well, the only celebrity that i have been consistently told that i look like (slash every time a sisterhood of the traveling pants movie comes out/is released on dvd) is amber tamblyn. i don't know how i feel about it.

i have also been told that i look like amy lee from evanescence (a.k.a. the gayest band ever) because she has pastey skin, dark hair and a fat face. just like me. the waiter that told me that meant it as a compliment, but i didn't really take it that way. i also got tina fey/liz lemmon twice in one day when i wore my glasses last week. really? i'm gonna have to disagree.

my grandma always says - and tells young boys that she meets - that i look like catherine zeta jones. that is very flattering, but let's be honest, i don't look a thing like catherine zeta jones. i have also gotten mischa barton a couple times which is also very flattering, but i'm not so sure i believe that i really do look like her. if i could be told that i look like any celebrity, i would want it to be rachel bilson because she is pretty much the most precious person ever and i want to be her.

apparently my non-celebrity doppleganger is in one of alex's classes but every time i ask him to get a picture of her, he fails. thanks for nothing. whenever someone tells me that they saw someone that looks just like me, i want to see that person because i am pretty sure that we all perceive appearances differently and i want to know what people think i look like. kind of weird to think about.

if you are also too cool to participate in this on facebook, you can leave a comment saying who your doppleganger is on this blog and feel safe. you're welcome.


Jennifer Lane said...

hahaha! you are wonderful. i don't believe i have EVER been told i look like a celebrity. i guess i just look like normal people...because i get told that almost everyday. (or maybe people just wish they knew me)

martha said...

i too have noticed the look-alike week on facebook...i don't participate either. mostly because i have no one who i think i look like. what do you think paige?

i think you look mostly like mischa barton.