Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i miss college

i miss the energy on campus at the beginning of fall semester.

i miss reading the police beat and people's ridiculous letters in the daily universe.

i miss all those glorious naps i took at the back of the room in my post lunch classes. well, really all my classes.

i miss laughing with my clothing construction friends.

i miss meeting up for lunch and people watching in the wilk.

i miss walking around on campus and running into people. or seeing people i know awkwardly and pretending i didn't see them. (wait, what? i never did that...)

i miss how everyday was a little bit different and the excitement that comes from that.

i miss making fun of all the byusa people but thoroughly enjoying it when they had free food outside the wilk.

i miss buying school supplies. i think i miss this the most. especially since i actually have money to buy school supplies now.

i miss the spirit that is at byu. you are always with people that believe what you do, studying the gospel and there are opportunities to have your testimony strengthened everyday.

but let me tell you what i don't miss: student parking, studying for tests, the stress of not studying for tests, writing papers, procrastinating everything, never ending homework, having literally no money, trying to balance school/work/social life, and that constant feeling that there is always something that you should be working on for school.

i've only been gone for a month, but should i just move back to provo?


BEAZER said...

are you in love with zooey's new show or what

Jennifer Lane said...

I agree.
Become a teacher....then you still get to buy yourself school supplies!

Bree said...

Yes yes yes move back to Provo!!!

Jason + Sarah said...

No don't go back to provo. Though, sometimes I really miss being on campus and taking naps during humanities after eating lunch. Did we even get anything out of that class? I need to go back to campus just to reminisce of good times.