Monday, November 7, 2011

everybody's doing it

so everyone uses gmail these days. i have a gmail account but i really just use it for reader and occasionally g chat. the email that i currently use is a netscape email. i know, right? i have had that email since i was like 14. a few years ago it was taken over by aol so i guess it's an aol account now.

the main reason why i haven't fully switched over to gmail is because it has been ugly. but since they changed their look it is all cool now and i like it.

but i am still apprehensive to make the jump. i feel like all the good email addresses are taken and i'll end up with yet another "paiger"with an "87" on the end email like i have had for the past decade. trust me, i've seen what paige thomas options are out there.

and i don't like the ads in gmail. at least the few ads they have on netscape/aol are pretty.

now i need you to tell me your thoughts on gmail and convince me to catch up with 2011.


Mickelle said...

i am a gmail believer. my favorite thing is probably the archive button. you don't have to delete any mail, but it goes out of your inbox, so your inbox can be all clean. then you can use the search box to find any email you need. I've had gmail since 05 and i've never been disappointed! its time paige. it is time.

Jenni said...

do it girl. so easy to use. clean look. you can pick your backgrounds. you can categorize. you can do it all. do it. you won't regret it.

The Aaron said...

you might like the 'ad block plus' extension for your browser.. it blocks all the ads. but you should be warned.. you'll probably never see another ad in your browser again..... O_O

you can download it here:
Ad block Plus for chrome

The Aaron said...

also i dont know why my name showed up as... 'The Aaron'.. that's embarrassing.

Jaclyn said...

sorry i am late with the commenting. just foudn your blog. hilarious. three words...get with it. gmail is taking over. conform. :)