Monday, December 19, 2011

does this make me a hipster?

my new glasses came in the mail today! i ordered them from and i am in love with them! i suppose one could say that they are hipster glasses, but they do indeed have a prescription so i don't think that counts. i ordered them in eggplant too and they are coming tomorrow. merry early christmas to me!

oh and sorry about the nudity in the background. the things that the milnes keep in their house...

ALSO i know what you're thinking right now, "why did paige take a picture of 25 professionally wrapped boxes of chocolate?"

well, guess what guys. i wrapped those puppies all by myself. today. i used to work at this place called scrappy notes (with my girl darcy) in high school and my entire job was to tie bows. so as you can see, i got pretty awesome at it.


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Alyssa said...

Sexy specs, Paige! Those look so good on you! And that wrapping...sensational! I feel like since they have a prescription, then they are totally legitimate/non-hipstery. I just got new ones, too, but figured since I need them to survive in the world, then I wouldn't consider myself as being "trendy" :) Miss your face! Have a wonderful Christmas