Wednesday, January 2, 2013


i resolve in 2013 to be happy.

i resolve to start exercising to be happy.  not to be a certain size or firmness but just to be happy.  you know, endorphins and all that.

i resolve to be more conscientious about the things that i put in my body so that i can be healthy which will in turn make me happy.

i resolve to put my clothes away after i take them off to be happy.  a cluttered house = a cluttered mind. a clean, organized room = happy pudge.

i resolve to wash my face not just in the morning but at night too so that my face will be soft, beautiful, and happy.

i resolve to strengthen my relationship with my God which i know for a fact will make me happy.

i resolve to stand up straight and show the world my happy face.  after all my mom did always tell me that no one would want to marry me if i didn't stand up straight.  turns out she was right!  guess i should have practiced the piano too...

i resolve to figure out who this pudge person is, what the h she wants, and be happy with her.

i resolve to expand my mind and soak in the happiness.

i resolve to stop sitting around waiting and start making things happen, start living all those dreams and be happy.

i resolve to not dwell on the negative and focus more on the all the bright, wonderful, happy things in my life.

i resolve to live in the moment and to live this life with passion and devotion and be happy.



Alexandra said...

i heart you! happy new year!

magunn said...

Awesome. Does this mean you're moving to Cali?

Lindsey P. said...

love you pudge.

Mickelle McCrory said...

i really like this. good goals